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The Bluebird for tea..

The first review is never easy, I am told. So, I have decided to review one of the most “easy listening” pieces of classical music ever written. “The Bluebird” by Charles Stanford , is exactly what is says on the tin. A masterpiece of soaring melodies and arching phrases really makes you as a listener feel high above the clouds. “But what makes this piece so special?” I hear you ask. This piece is what I like to call a “tea ” piece. Let me explain. Whenever you are stressed, thinking, working, bored etc etc, you may instinctively┬áreach to fill the kettle. However, for me, the Bluebird is my “cup of tea” . ┬áIts easy on the ears, yet , with harmonic arrangement between the parts creating slight tension, but then quickly reliving you with a perfect chord bars later, makes the perfect piece for a bit of relaxation. One important observation about this piece is that predominately the Alto, Tenor and Bass sections carry the tune, with sopranos simply adding an accompaniment. This is not to everyones taste, however, the sopranos high resonate notes really optimise the “hight” Stanford wants you to feel. Now, go listen to The bluebird, preferably with a cup of tea in hand, and enjoy the sensation of your mind drifting above the clouds with it.

Raph x